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The "Mental-Block"


Everyone experiences "Mental Blocks".

NOW you can BUST' EM up!

A solid tool and FUN REMINDER to get Your Thoughts In Order and Break Down Your Walls of Limiting Beliefs!

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"Mental Block Buster?"

What is it?

It's Perfectly Simple!

Simply the word "MENTAL" burned/branded into a solid 3X3 solid, raw block of wood.

It's Preposterously Silly!

Nothing's sillier than "Pet Rock"?

 "Hold my beer" ...  here's

"Mental Block"

It's Powerfully Symbolic! 

A brilliant, solid, subconscious reminder and "nudge" to inspire IDEAS and ACTION!

Do you or someone you know struggle with annoying Mental Blocks?  

We all have them from time to time- leading to Forgetfulness, Self-doubt, Procrastination, Frustration and Stagnation!

Introducing The Mental Block Buster™:

Your "Whack on the Side of the Head"!

The perfect gift for yourself or someone you know.

Are you or someone you know tired of feeling stuck, uninspired, and trapped in the same old patterns of thinking? Do you yearn to unleash your creativity and break through mental blocks that hinder your innovative ideas? Look no further - "Mental Block" is here to rebuild the way you approach problem-solving and unleash your full creative potential!

Imagine holding in your hands a small but mighty 3x3 inch wooden cube, adorned with the word "mental" BURNED / BRANDED into its surface. It's not just a simple paperweight or a pedestal for your post-it notes - it's a powerful symbol, a tangible reminder to kickstart your imagination and let your ideas flow freely. It's a metaphor to BURN your most important thoughts into your subconscious mind and avoid being a block head.

A reminder of the groundbreaking principles of Roger von Oech's renowned book, "A Whack on the Side of the Head," "The Mental Block Buster™" serves as your personal creative catalyst. Just like a gentle tap on the side of your head, it sparks a mental jolt, liberating you from the chains of conventional thinking and paving the way for unexplored realms of creativity.

Have a brilliant IDEA???

A FLASH of brilliance???


The Mental Block Note Pedestal will REMIND YOU to write it down. 

$25.00 including shipping.

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Keep one and give one to a "Mental-Blocked" friend.

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What otherrs are saying..

"This is the perfect gift for my boss, who is a freaking block head"


Robert H.

Miami, Florida

"Seriously ... It Works!"

My husband is always forgetting things. This was just what he needed to REMIND him to remember.

Rina T.

Manhattan, NY


Sits on my desk and I sometimes actually whack myself (gently) on the side of the head to get my butt IN GEAR! LOL !

Stacy M.

San Jose, California

Turn your Mental Blocks into Building Blocks for personal SUCCESS!

"The Mental-Block Buster" encourages you to embrace a mindset of boundless possibilities.

Place it on your desk, and let it be a constant reminder to break free from routine thought patterns and embrace the power of unconventional ideas. When faced with a mental block, reach out for your trusty Mental Block and let its presence ignite your imagination.

You don't need a "Whack" on the side of the head. Maybe a slight tap or gentle reminder.

But Mental Block is not limited to its physical form; it represents a paradigm shift in your thinking. It symbolizes the liberation from self-imposed limitations and opens the gateway to innovation. Let it serve as a muse, inspiring you to write down your ideas, thoughts, and dreams on a nearby notepad. Let it serve as a symbolic BUILDING BLOCK to launch your ideas into action. Allow your mind to wander and explore uncharted territories, all while keeping your creative insights anchored.

Are you ready to conquer your mental blocks and tap into your limitless imagination? Embrace Mental Block and witness the transformation as your ideas flourish, your creativity soars, and breakthroughs become the norm rather than the exception.

Break free from the mundane and step into a world of endless inspiration. Get your Mental Block today and unleash your boundless creative potential!


$25.00 INCLUDES SHIPPING and you'll get another block FREE!


Points To Ponder!

  • You definitely KNOW someone who needs a whack on the side of the head.

  • It's a great wake up call to get your head on straight.

  • It can act as a trophy and monument to your brilliance.

  • It can be a visual reminder to NOT be a block head. 

  • You could make one yourself but, c'mon REALLY? You have time for that???

  • Can be used as a weapon in certain situations.


  • It's so versatile! *Download the FREE "101 uses for a Block of Wood here- www.TheMentalBlockBuster.com/101uses

A portion of your purchase goes to PLANT A TREE.

That's right. With every purchase A new tree is planted.

"Don't Be A Block-Head". 

Put An End To Your Mental-Blocks NOW!

$25.00 Includes Shipping.

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